Work With Me

Oh, Hi There

If you are a museum or other non-profit, then I’d love to sit down and hear about your workplace needs!

I’m really great at listening and helping you find creative solutions to all manner of ‘problems’.

I Don’t Do ‘One Size Fits All’

A trite, and very overused advertising phrase, yet oh so true.

Some museums might be just starting out and need help creating an entire set of planning documents to gain accreditation (and therefore funding and additional recognition from potential donors!). Maybe your museum has been around and has a maelstrom of a headache in its collections database just waiting to be tamed or the Board of Trustees wants You to integrate their collection database onto their website to “engage visitors”.

Maybe your organization wants to find a better way to manage volunteer signups (and increase show-ups!) or get the word out about a fundraiser for your cause. Or perhaps you’ve found yourself onboarding a Board of Trustee member or Volunteer and don’t know quite where to start.

Or maybe, just maybe, this whole Internet ‘Thing’ is a strange new world for you. Twitter? Insta-what?

Whatever stage your organization is at or problem it’s facing,

I. Can. Help.

  • If you are a Museum or other Artifact Repository, I’d love to help you ‘Consistify'(™) your collections database or get your Accreditation Planning documents in order. (Really. Truly. I like filling out forms.)
  • I have a way of explaining things that makes sense to the layperson and allows them to take ownership of their duties.
  • I know how to Brand your organization so it fits You.
  • Social Networks set up to fit Your time and abilities.
  • I can also help you design and maintain your website.